Homecoming (Bella Books)

by Celeste Castro

Destiny “Dusty” Del Carmen is a bestselling author and much sought-after speaker. An invitation to the Northwest Urban Indian Federation’s annual conference brings Dusty back to her “home” state of Idaho—the one place she swore she would never return to. Dusty does what she does best—smothers the painful memories of her past and picks up the smoking hot bartender at the local lesbian hangout.

Professor Morgan West is eager to attend the Federation’s annual conference and to meet the famous Destiny Del Carmen. A chance encounter leaves them trapped in a rustic cabin and Dusty has nowhere to run from her past pain—or her present fears. Will this accident of fate finally lead her home?



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Genre Romance
Length 214 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935558
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • A Bella Debut Novel.


Lambda Literary Review
Homecoming is a study in what can happen when a young lesbian is outed and subsequently left without support of family and friends. Castro has given us a good first effort, a romantic story showing us how Dusty and Morgan struggle to overcome their anxieties and their insecurities, making us hopeful for a happy ending with Dusty finally able to return home.

Rainbow Book Reviews
I love it when a book seems like it’s going to follow a formulaic storyline and then surprises me with something much deeper. At first glance ‘Homecoming’ appears to be that old classic—lesbian kicked out of home returns to home area and deals with all the old memories while falling in love. And it is that, on the surface, but it bites a little deeper and avoids a lot of the clichéd scenes that other similar stories tend to trot out. I loved both Dusty and Morgan, even when Dusty was being an *ss! I also loved how, while there were secondary characters whom each of Dusty and Morgan could confide in, it really was just all about the two main characters, and as such, the author gave me a great insight to their thoughts and feelings. Definitely recommended.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Homecoming – Paperback

  1. Jordan23

    I can’t say enough about how MUCH I enjoyed reading Homecoming. Historically I’m a big fan of film and some other book genres. However, the last couple years I’ve started reading more and more within the lesbian fiction realm. I must say, I LOVED the recent book by Celeste Castro. I’m familiar with Bella Books and happened to stumble across this recent publication. When I got my copy delivered, I ended up reading it over a weekend….just couldn’t put it down. I really liked both characters (Dusty and Morgan) and how I got to know them more deeply as each chapter unfolded. I could visualize each scene like a movie, could see the chemistry from the moment they met at the Balcony, and was cheering for a happy ending as each page turned. The author’s description of Idaho, the nearby mountains, terrain, and Native American history was also really interesting. Was nice to have a bit of history incorporated along with the passion the characters felt stemming from their upbringings and the series of events that unfolded. I highly recommend this book! This is a fantastic read for anyone that loves passion, adventure, and a bit of history thrown in. A MUST READ in my view!

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