Fire Dancer

by Micheala Lynn

Still naïve in many ways from her sheltered upbringing, Sarah wants to shed her goodie-two-shoes image. She wants to live life, not let it pass her by. That’s why she enjoys the company of her cousin Skye so much. Skye lives life to the absolute fullest and Sarah wants to be more like her. Even the fact that Skye is gay is fascinating, albeit frightening as well.

Sarah has never found any man attractive. But she’s pretty sure that’s because her family is constantly attempting to fix her up with every eligible single man in the church in the hopes of making an honest woman of her. The family pressure is building and at the age of twenty-eight, it’s getting harder and harder to reject each new suitor. But what is she to do? There doesn’t seem to be anyone who can even remotely light a spark in her heart. That is until she meets Jewel Black, a fire dancer who goes by the stage name Enigma…



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Genre Romance
Length 220 pages
Publication Date August 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935602
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Micheala Lynn


Pin’s Reviews - This is the fourth romance novel by Micheala Lynn, and the third I have read. She has a steady line of pretty solid romance novels with different themes and settings. I find Fire Dancer enjoyable primarily for its interesting setting of a Renaissance faire, as well as interesting and very likable main character Jewel the fire dancer and her family. They are very nice people with great family dynamics, and a unique family history.

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