by E. J. Noyes

Stockbroker Isabelle Rhodes has a lot of money, a lot of trust issues, and a whole lot of reasons to believe her ex-girlfriend was right when she said that Isabelle sucked at relationships. With that accusation stuck in her head, Isabelle throws caution to the wind and dives into her first one-night stand. Checking that off her bucket list should be something to celebrate—except it turns out that the woman she just spent an earth-shattering night with is actually her newly hired company pilot, Audrey Graham.

Ms. Never-See-You-Again just turned into Ms. See-You-Constantly.

Concerned about the stigma of workplace dalliances, Isabelle vows it can’t go further than the one night. Good plan—if not for an insistent libido and an even more persistent Audrey who conspires to break Isabelle’s resolve. Soon their no strings arrangement starts to feel a lot like dating, and Isabelle finds herself wanting more than just casual nights together…



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Genre Romance
Length 282 pages
Publication Date October 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935619
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


The Lesbian Review
The entire story just flowed from the first page! E. J. Noyes did a superb job of bringing out Isabelle’s and Audrey’s personalities, faults, erratic emotions, and the burning passion they shared. The chemistry between both women was so palpable! I felt as though the writer drizzled every word she wrote with love, combustible desire, and intense longing.

Lex Kent's Reviews - This was hot, steamy, even a little emotional…and I loved every second of it. This book is in first person. I know some don’t care for that, but it works for this book, really. Always being in Isabelle’s head, not knowing for sure what Audrey was thinking, gave me almost a little suspense. I just love the way Noyes writes. I know I am fan-girling out a bit here, but her books make me happy. All other romance fans, I easily recommend this. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long for another Noyes book.

Gaby's Review - Wow… and when I say ‘wow’ I mean… WOW. After the author’s debut novel Ask, Tell got to my list of best books of 2017, I was wondering if that was just a fluke. Fortunately for us lesfic readers, now it’s confirmed: E. J. Noyes CAN write. Not only that, she can write different genres… Written in first person from Isabelle’s point of view, the reader gets into her headspace with all her insecurities, struggles, and character traits. Alongside Isabelle, we discover Audrey’s personality, her life story and, most importantly, her feelings. Throughout the book, Ms. Noyes pushes us down a roller coaster of emotions as we accompany Isabelle in her journey of self-discovery. In the process, we laugh, suffer, and enjoy the ride.

Pin's Reviews - I liked Turbulence because of its very likable protagonists, some great secondary characters, nice dose of humor, and a nice satisfying ending. I could easily recommend it to all romance fans who enjoy steamy romances with a meaningful plot.

Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Turbulence – Paperback

  1. Michele

    Last week I read the short summary for this book after receiving a Bella Books e-mail about new books for October. From there I downloaded the two chapter excerpt and was immediately hooked by the characters and the story. I hadn’t read a book by E. J. Noyes, but I’m happy to say I will be reading more in the future. This book is a combination of the characters dealing with trust issues, insecurities, and past emotional baggage. It is well written, displays humor, and emotion. I especially loved the scenes that took place at Isabella’s mother’s home in South Carolina. The sex scenes were seductive and flirtatious without seeming redundant. All in all, a great book.

  2. Sylvia S.

    I could not put this book down! It was a great love story that evolved! Very cute, funny and serious all in the same!! I loved the way the writer talked to herself as she was telling the story! Just a good old fashion love story! Write another on quick!!

  3. jenniferatemple

    E.J. Noyes can write! I read the author’s debut novel, Ask, Tell and it was an excellent read. Well written, full of emotion that really drew you in and kept you reading until the end. This 2nd book was just as good!! Great book and an author I will continue to follow.

  4. Darlene

    Loved this book! I like the humor and the way the characters are developed.

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