My Lady Lipstick

by Karin Kallmaker

Anita Topaz, Queen of the Bodice Rippers, is deliberately a woman of mystery. But pressure is mounting for Anita to reveal herself to her clamoring public. It’s scrutiny that writer Paris Ellison can’t allow, especially since the glamorous “Anita” is a work of pure fiction.

Lady Diana Beckinsale excels at disappearing into a good role. Especially if that role gets her close to certain objects she desires. When Diana proposes the perfect solution to Paris’s predicament, Paris is less than enthusiastic. She can’t let someone as unsettling and observant as Diana get too close.

But Diana is persistent. After all, if she and the handsome, secretive Paris both get what they want out of an unorthodox arrangement, then it’s a win-win for them both.

My Lady Lipstick is high stakes on a merry-go-round of lies—it’s all fun and games until somebody loses her heart.





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Genre Romance
Length 268 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935688e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
My Lady LipstickWinner, Romantic Blend.


"Paris Ellison in My Lady Lipstick wrote a blog that suggested a popular video game used women as toys for violence and assault. She had to give up a job she loved, take herself off the grid, and move across the country to escape the vile bullying and death threats. I based Paris’s backstory on real life instances of women bullied out of their careers for having an opinion.

Hunkered down, and focused on her safety, Paris encounters Diana – sensuous, alluring, clever, and the most audacious liar Paris has ever met. Coincidentally (or maybe not?), Diana Beckinsale was inspired in part by a video game character, only in reverse. I would say more but it would spoil the fun.

Both characters surprised me along the way, mostly in good ways. Another surprise, and definitely a good one? I wanted Diana and Paris to meet in a bar, and that meant I needed a bartender. No sooner had I begun the character sketch than Lisa from Warming Trend reminded me, duh, I already knew a mixologist with attitude. How could I forget? She’s one of my favorite characters ever and she was perfect for the job. Of course."

—Karin Kallmaker


Lambda Literary Review
Supporting characters, bartender and confidante Lisa, landladies Adya and Grace, and Diana’s demanding but insightful mother, are strong characters with distinct and fascinating personalities who help tell this story, while content to let the main characters play their starring roles. Another minor character is Hobbit, the cat. Paris’s “conversations” with him are genuinely hilarious and so like the way we animal-lovers speak to our pets, making these scenes a delightful break in the tension. The incorporation of ethnic characters is timely and well placed in this story, with Paris as a woman of color and Diana’s step-father with family origins in India.

Kallmaker fans and newcomers, both, will delight in this new tale. It has a well-written plot with innovative character drama and a love story that doesn’t disappoint. The romance sparkles, the characters are enchanting, and their struggles are fascinating. Don’t miss the distinctive pink cover, likely a tongue-in-cheek reference to “Anita’s” grumble about her own covers! My Lady Lipstick is an intelligent and charming work that’s sure to please.

The Lesbian Review
My Lady Lipstick is one heck of a ride and I loved every page. There were so many lovely touches that added layers to the story. I especially loved the gaming references, the baking and cooking and the depth of the characters. Both characters are expertly drawn and easy to love. I appreciated that Kallmaker made one a wonderfully complex and relatable butch. We need more butch women who are more than just one-dimensional characters. There is also something particularly special about this book. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but there is no doubt that this going to be one of my favourites.

Lesbian Reading Room
Karin Kallmaker writes exceedingly good romances, and this one is a masterful mixture of a fun tale, delightful characters and her wicked sense of humour. It isn’t full of laugh out loud moments, but the more subtle wit that raises a smile at the play on words and the sarcastic banter. Add in Shakespearean character flaws along with the essential growth of our leading ladies and we have a classic. The whole is a perfectly wrapped bundle of enjoyment for anyone who likes a good romance.

Pin’s Reviews - With this two likable characters, some great secondary characters and her usual mature writing style, Kallmaker told us a very interesting story of deception, loneliness, vulnerability, broken dreams (and bones), family... and, of course, love. …My Lady Lipstick is a well-written story that I really liked and can easily recommend. If you have never read any of Karin Kallmaker's books (she has written nearly thirty novels; what are you waiting for!?), this one can be a good start.

Lex Kent’s Reviews - I was also really happy with the pace of the book. I would say the book is slightly longer than average, but it never really lagged for me. I never felt bored, and really enjoyed the actual concept of the book. When it came to the romance, at first I thought maybe the characters had jumped into bed a little fast. But with how the rest of the story unfolded, I was okay with it. There was no rushing to say “I love you.” I actually really appreciate that as it seems to happen too often lately in lesfic romances. The romance instead felt like it progressed really organically. Not including the one angsty part, I actually felt the romance was one of the more realistic romances I have read in a while.

This was absolutely the right romance at the right time for me. I enjoyed this read and I hope others do as much as I did. If you are a Kallmaker fan, I believe you will be happy with this read.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for My Lady Lipstick – eBook

  1. Niknik (verified owner)

    Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT

  2. cheekybugger13

    Just finished reading “My Lady Lipstick.” Obviously, Karin Kallmaker’s done it again with this incredibly absorbing, witty, charming, whimsical, romantic story that just captivated me from the get-go! What a refreshingly original & creative plot. It’s colourful, it’s flamboyant, it’s downright Shakespearean. Beautifully executed. Self-reflective.

    An enthusiastic MUST-READ.

  3. xwpvoyager

    2018 Golden Crown Literary Best Romance Winner: Gosh this romance has more surprises than some mysteries! I want to find a book club STAT just to talk about them all! This is a wonderful blend of suspense and romance with a most beautiful happily ever after you could ever hope for in a romance. The author came through delivering a delirious story populated with very real characters with a delightful humor and a fair amount of passion that believably builds up. I am hoping the author has a short story down the road to see what Diana makes of her life. Speaking of which, her mother and stepfather were wonderfully vivid, I hope to see them again.

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