Playing the Spy

by Maggie Brown

Hollywood star and the nation’s favorite daughter, Eleanor Godwin wants nothing more than time by herself, especially from the persistent press. What better place to recuperate after a particularly gruelling round of interviews than a picture-perfect exclusive island resort in the Great Barrier Reef?

Political reporter Sophie Marsh is used to digging up dirt. When her editor underhandedly snags her the position as Eleanor’s housekeeper for two months, she reluctantly agrees to spy on the star. After all, her hard-won position at the paper is on the line.

Against the background of the breathtaking island, passions run high. As secrets are revealed, the assignment becomes Sophie’s worst nightmare—write the article or lose her job. She knows that succumbing to temptation can’t be an option. But tell that to her heart…






Genre Romance
Length 274 pages
Publication Date January 18, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935756e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


Lex’s Reviews - The characters in this book were great. It wasn’t just the two mains, but the supporting cast was well done too. Everyone was fleshed out and you remembered all of their names even if they didn’t play a huge roll. Brown definitely writes characters well. This is a book that is easy to recommend to romance fans. I really enjoyed this and expect others will too.

Pin's Reviews - We already know what to expect when a relationship starts with lies and deception. The question is only when and how it will crash. The author made a pretty good story with that "when and how" with a solid plot and nice epilogue. I liked the protagonists and the setting, and there were a few good supporting characters. Overall a good, well-written and enjoyable book.

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