Breaking Even

by E. A. Schreiber

Taking a leave of absence from her doctoral program was never on Chloe Amden’s radar. Neither was running away from a future she had been building for years, but that didn’t stop either from becoming her reality. Like the tides in her new coastal hideout, her life seems filled with the ebb and flow of change, though nothing seems capable of washing away the bitter taste left in her mouth from her days in university.

Surely new faces and a change of pace could help her gather her thoughts. Leaving the city for Boothbay Harbor, the lure of salty ocean air and anonymity was enough to justify taking a job at a local boat shop. True to form, as soon as things become comfortable, Chloe finds herself facing new opportunities at a local school. With a substitute position and a circle of friends she never anticipated, Chloe’s newfound support system has the potential to help her navigate this uncharted territory. Then again, a mysterious English teacher and her friendship might just be Chloe’s undoing.



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Genre Romance, New Adult
Length 278 pages
Publication Date May 15, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935763
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"Five years ago, alone in my apartment, I wanted to watch a movie with characters who resonated with my experiences as a gay woman. I didn't want a heartbreaking coming out story, I wanted to watch women who knew who they were navigate the challenges of changing careers, finding their place, and falling in love. That was the moment Breaking Even was born. My goal was always to develop characters I would want to surround myself with. As they came to life on paper, I began to love them each for who they are. It's my hope that the readers will too as they journey with Chloe and the strong women surrounding her as she finds her own place, hoping she breaks even."

—E.A. Schreiber

  • A Bella Debut Novel.


Lex’s Reviews - I honestly missed when it happened, but all of a sudden I was sucked into the story. Characters were actually talking about deep, important things. And the big change that happed was the Chloe/Madeleine attraction started to heat up. It’s a very slow burn...

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  1. traysam

    Outstanding book. The characters feel like friends, the romance is hot and sweet. Terrific book, I completely enjoyed this book Nd will be looking for the author’s next one.

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