Dingo's Recovery

by Genevieve Fortin

Newly retired and ready to reconnect with herself, Joyce Allen realizes that she’s not yet the person she knows she was meant to be. At the age of 56, she’s committed to discovering happiness and begins her new journey by taking classes, attending concerts, and adopting the dog she has secretly wished for, Dingo.

When Dingo is injured and a visit to the new veterinarian in town is necessary, Joyce finds herself quietly attracted to Dr. Amanda Carter, the intellectual dreamer who is many years her junior.

Joyce knows that their age difference is too big an obstacle to overcome, and is content to settle for friendship with the thirty-two-year-old vet. But Amanda, for her part, can’t see the gaping divide between them. All she knows is the warmth and attraction she feels for Joyce, and can’t understand why age should matter at all.

Join Genevieve Fortin as she weaves this heartwarming May-December romance of two women who discover the timeless truth of love at any age.




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Genre Romance
Length 206 pages
Publication Date March 15, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935886e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


Pin’s Reviews - The story is quite rounded, clear in its message, with good pacing and reads easily and quickly. The main characters are two very likable real to life people, and their unconventional but believable romance develops alongside with Dingo's recovery regardless of the obstacles faced by couples with a significant age difference as well as some personal emotional baggage of both main characters.

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