The Neighbor

by Gerri Hill

When Laura Fry returns to her childhood home to care for her mother, she hopes the writer’s block that has swallowed her writing career will disappear. She doesn’t plan on turning into a “yard girl”, but her mother’s long neglected lawn beckons her to return it to the lush and colorful display it had been before her mother’s accident. Laura also doesn’t plan on making friends with the “nympho lesbian” next door—but she finds it impossible not to watch the parade of playmates that show up at her neighbor’s pool.

Cassidy Anderson likes pool parties and female company. And while the pool remains the same, the female company changes nearly every weekend. As her mid-forties approach at an alarming speed, she’s still searching for the love of her life. When she finds herself seeking out the company of the cute tomboy next door, Cassidy starts to think that maybe she’s been looking in all the wrong places. Could it possibly be the neighbor who holds the key to her heart?





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Genre Romance
Length 264 pages
Publication Date August 16, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594936005e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
The NeighborWinner, Contemporary Romance: Short Novels.


"So, yeah…it was blistering hot and I was mowing the lawn. We have about four acres to maintain and as I was riding along, sweaty, hot, parched…I thought (again)… “Sure wish we had a pool.” My thoughts tend to ramble and bounce around when I’m mowing and I recalled a friend in Austin who used to “sneak” into her neighbor’s pool on hot summer days. I also remembered the few times I was invited to join her. One thought led to another and The Neighbor was born! Unlike Laura, my friend’s neighbor wasn’t “tall, dark and handsome” Cassidy Anderson who liked to go skinny dipping! No…her neighbor was a sixty-something bald man with a pot belly. Unfortunately, he also liked to skinny dip. Thankfully…I never had to witness that!

I hope you’ll enjoy The Neighbor…a steamy, wet, fun, summer romance that just begs to be read out by the pool (or the lake or the beach or the river)!"

—Gerri Hill


Les Rêveur
It’s funny… Normally in the books I read I get why the characters would fall in love. Now on paper (excuse the pun), Cassidy and Laura should not work… but let me tell you, that’s the reason they do. I actually loved this book so hard. It was light, cute and gave me all the feels. It was exactly what I needed after the emotionally hard book I read before. Cassidy and Laura together are hot stuff and I reckon it’s the build up to them being together that got me all flustered when it did actually happen. Yes it’s a slow burn but so beautifully written and worth the wait in every way.

Lesbian Reading Room
This is classic Gerri Hill at her very best, top of the pile of so many excellent books she has written, I genuinely loved this story and these two women. The growing friendship and hidden attraction between them is skillfully written and totally engaging. This isn’t a new story or a clever plot, but it is so exquisitely done that it is totally absorbing. Laura needs to accept who she is and let go of who she thought she was. Cassidy has to work out who she’d rather be; a conflict reflected in her friendships, real and false. A 40 something romance, genuine and real, women we can relate to and empathize with, laugh with and relish. This was a joy to read.

The Lesbian Review
I have always found Hill’s writing to be intriguing and stimulating. Whether she’s writing a mystery or a sweet romance, she allows the reader to discover something about themselves along with her characters. This story has all the fun antics you would expect for a quality, low-stress, romantic comedy. Hill is wonderful in giving us characters that are intriguing and delightful that you never want to put the book down until the end. If you’re lounging by the pool, on the beach, or just soaking up the last days of summer in some tropical location, this is definitely the book to read. Follow Laura and Cassidy as they see, truly, just how close love can be.

Lex Kent’s Reviews - Anyone that has read a Hill book knows she can write. I found myself hooked into the story and didn’t put the book down. This is the perfect example of a slow-burn, sweet romance. The angst is very low and it’s just filled with good feels. Not only that but I really enjoyed the dialogue. It was witty and just well written. If you are a Hill fan, I don’t think you will be disappointed. I’m glad I read this and can’t wait to see what Hill has in-store for us next.

Pin’s Reviews - A sweet feel-good romance with great characters and a fine dose of humor by the master writer of lesfic—just what the doctor ordered!

Gaby’s Reviews - To say that this is a slow-burn romance is an understatement, Ms. Hill creates their chemistry painstakingly slow but the wait is so worth it. One way the author builds the main characters' relationship is through food. There are a few mouthwatering moments that show the author's ability to depict the sensuality of cuisine and its common ground with love. Overall, a slow burn, feel-good romance that highlights the eroticism of food and challenges some lesbian stereotypes.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Neighbor, The – eBook

  1. u097265 (verified owner)

    We’ll I’ve been anxiously awaiting this Gerri Hill release for over six months and I was not disappointed. Gerri combines two likeable characters in Cassidy and Laura, each at a crossroads in their lives, and the fireworks and chemistry ensue from their first meeting on the front lawn. This books teaches us about the genuine and real elements of love and all those little things that comprise a true connection between two people. Other things that I loved about the book included the laugh out loud humor in many parts including with Laura’s mother, Maggie; Gerri’s wonderful descriptions of nature; and her savory focus on food. Now I have to wait another six months for the next release!

  2. cheekybugger13

    I thoroughly enjoyed Gerri Hill‘s latest, “The Neighbor.” I especially loved that the protagonists were both tomboys, something that is not very commonly found in lesbian romance. So refreshing!

    “The Neighbor” is a delightful, witty slow-burn romance between two neighbours who started out with the wrong foot.

    All in all, “The Neighbor” was a bloody good and satisfying read and I highly recommend this brilliantly written romance with a lot of heart, humour and reverberation. READ IT, YOU MUST! You won’t be disappointed!

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