Kindling for the Heart

by Karen Legasy

Josephine Lavigne lives a contented life with Mollie, her golden retriever. Jo’s forestry consulting business is the perfect career for her love of the boreal forest.

Samantha White is a big-city criminal lawyer from Toronto. She heads north to spend a month of respite alone at her recently inherited cottage. With no experience in northern winters, Sam recklessly puts her life at risk.

Rescued by the moody and attractive forester, Sam is immediately drawn to Jo. As far as Josephine is concerned, Samantha is nothing but an untrustworthy heartbreaker. But after a few nights snowed in together the women begin to forge a friendship that scares them both.

When a woman with a broken heart meets a woman with a history of breaking hearts, sparks fly. But will there be enough kindling to ignite a fire in this tumultuous winter romance?


Genre Romance
Publication Date August 15, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594936067

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