by E. J. Noyes

When you spend your life at the top, there’s only one direction you can go.

Pro alpine skier Aspen Archer’s downfall happened in the worst possible way—a career-ending crash on a gold medal run at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Aspen packed up her broken life, picked up her broken body and now hides in comfortable obscurity at ski resorts around the world, coaching tourists and ignoring her problems.

Cate Tierney knows who Aspen Archer is, but the last place she expected to meet the former Olympian was during a ski trip to Australia. Hurt by a past relationship, and with a teenage daughter to protect, Cate’s initial reluctance is quickly overcome by her intense attraction. But with Cate’s vacation ending in a few short weeks and Aspen’s aversion to staying in one place, can their encounter be anything more than a fling?

When Cate discovers Aspen’s secrets, Aspen is forced to face everything she’d been trying to forget. And everything she’d forgotten she wanted. Aspen already knows the route from start to finish doesn’t always go as planned. Now she needs to figure out how to get herself back on course for good.





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Genre Romance
Length 292 pages
Publication Date June 14, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594936104e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
GoldWinner, Contemporary Romance: Long Novels.


"I have this annoying writing habit that makes me give my characters occupations I know very little about, and also makes me set my books in other countries. When I first wrote Gold, I had it set completely in Colorado, until I had a brainwave during a road trip to Thredbo (ski resort in New South Wales, Australia for those who’ve never heard of it). Why not shift part of Gold to Australia? Then I could not only give people a taste of what Australian ski fields are like— not very many of them, small-ish and with a whole lot of manufactured snow—but for the first time I would have been places that my characters had been. Knowing I’d skied at Thredbo, walked the paths around the village and been to certain bars to drink copious amounts of Kosciuszko Pale Ale, just like my characters, was thrilling."

—E. J. Noyes

Read more about E. J.'s thoughts on Gold at Blog.Bellabooks.com.


The Lesbian Review
This is Noyes’ third book, and her writing just keeps getting better and better with each release. She gives us such amazing characters that are easy for anyone to relate to. And she makes them so endearing that you can’t help but want them to overcome the past and move forward toward their happily ever after.

Lex’s Reviews - This book is exactly the way I wish romance authors would get back to writing romance. This is what I want to read. If you are a Noyes fan, get this book. If you are a romance fan, get this book. I didn’t even talk about the skiing… if you are a skiing fan, get this book.

Pin’s Reviews - I love everything about it—the setting, the protagonists, sweet and convincing romance, a nice bunch of secondary characters, the skiing…The writing is excellent with great dialogue and pacing. There is some well-placed angst along with a really believable conflict. On top of all that, the ending (the entire last chapter) is truly great. I love when the author knows how to write a really satisfying ending.

Gaby’s Reviews - Gold is the third book by Ms. Noyes that won't disappoint her growing fan base. I think by now lesfic readers can agree that she has evolved from a promising writer to a damn good one. Ms. Noyes doesn't give in to the urge to make us understand or to explain what's going on. The characters and the story talk for themselves. As a result, the book is a delightful read with a good balance between enjoyment and angst.

Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Gold – eBook

  1. Darlene (verified owner)

    Just finished reading the 3rd book! I enjoyed it and I enjoyed how the friendships were characterized in this book. Once again… Well done!

    Any thoughts on a sequel for Ask, Tell??

  2. cheekybugger13

    I’d been waiting for a long time for E.J. Noyes‘ latest work, “Gold.” So when I finally got me hands on it, I practically devoured it. Yup, salivated every word of this 100%, unadulterated, thought-provoking, intensely grown-up love story between two women with their own complicated past, one of them with a teenage child and a miserable past. PLUS, I had zero knowledge about skiing, let alone this daunting alpine skiing business! But Noyes opened my eyes to this incredibly fast, powerful, difficult and complex athletic sport with her keen insights into the sport.

    “Gold” is yet another winner from E.J. Noyes. It is a terrific love story between two very different people who met by sheer chance, and instantly felt this undeniable chemistry and connection with each other. Their slow-burn romance was written with such honesty, loaded with all the messiness, obstacles, complexities involved when two people fall in love. Love is messy. Life is messy. But true love transcends all that. It wills out. Eventually.

    Side-note: Just wait until you read the edge-of-your-seat action sequence that left me gasping for air! Every movement, every stroke, every thought whirling inside the mind of a skier whilst in action and after the fact! Noyes’ exceptional skill in writing dramatic blow-by-blow action sequences was strongly evident in this scene. I felt like I was there! (Just like in “Ask, Tell”!) Truly remarkable! What a THRILL, indeed!

    So, if you haven’t read this already, it’s a MUST! It’s on me list of favourite lesfic books now, that’s for sure! ?

  3. Ameliah (verified owner)

    I liked the book a lot! It was engaging and entertaining. Interesting and lovable, beautiful and adorable. I LOVED the characters. Cate and Aspen are so good together and the daughter Gem is a priceless delight. It is clear that the trio love each other and are there to love and support each other. I can’t recommend this book highly enough, now if you will excuse me, I’m off to read it again!

  4. sagaciousapphic

    Noyes manages to pull off a first and second chance romance all rolled in to one. Gold made me laugh, anxiously hold my breath, take a cold shower, and remind me what it feels like for a person to be home.

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