Cameron's Rules

by Baxter Brown

Sometimes all it takes to change your life is a chance meeting…

Having endured a grueling international flight and a difficult meeting, all lawyer Cameron Kassen wants is some caffeine. When screenwriter Julie Carter accidentally spills hot coffee all over her, Cameron is convinced that her day can’t get any worse. But Cameron’s mood quickly improves when Julie starts to flirt with her. Only in town for a couple of days, they both lament that the flirtation can go nowhere.

The pair keep in touch but are kept apart by distance and commitments. When Cameron jokingly asks Julie to write her a love story—Julie agrees.

Fiction mirrors reality and when Julie decides to add a surprise alternate ending to the story, Cameron is presented with a puzzle. Only by solving it will she be able to unlock the ending Julie intends just for her…but will it also unlock her heart?



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Genre Romance
Length 266 pages
Publication Date November 15, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594936111
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Judy Fellows



"While I was working out one morning, I started daydreaming about cheesy pickup lines. One popped into my head and I couldn’t let it go: 'Did we ever make out at Niagara Falls?' It’s a homage to a line from the Breakfast Club: "I met her at Niagra Falls; you wouldn't know her." The next thing I know a cheesy pickup line is leading to a full-blown conversation and the promise of more. Before I left the gym, I had outlined the basis for Cameron’s Rules. A month later I finished writing the story. Almost seventy percent of the book was written on my iPhone with one finger. I haven’t mastered texting/typing with thumbs yet and I have no designs on starting anytime soon."

—Baxter Brown


The Lesbian Review
The story is told from Cameron’s point of view which makes perfect sense since this story is about her internal journey. Brown takes her time with this plot. The story takes place over the course of two years which I love to see. This is no insta-romance and Brown gives the reader snapshots of their relationship through Cameron’s visits to San Diego. To keep the relationship progressing, Brown includes full text conversations between the two of them and they are just as clever as the rest of the book. The dialogue is a dream. It is quick and witty one moment and heavy with emotion the next. The banter between Julie and Cameron is so easy that it feels like these two women honestly belong together. I believe that’s called: good writing.

I love it when a book makes me feel so much that my heart breaks open and I shed tears of pain and tears of joy. When I realize that I’m laughing out loud at my little table in Starbucks because a clever turn of phrase triggered my odd sense of humor, I feel like the book was written just for me. And when I catch myself saying, “Oh no she didn’t!” to an empty room, I know I’ve found a winner. The characters and the plot checked off everything on my list of what I want in a romance. Cameron’s journey will resonate with me for a long time and I highly recommend this book.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Cameron’s Rules – Paperback

  1. sydney (verified owner)

    This book was amazingly well written. The story is touching and heartbreaking at times. It leaves you feeling blissful as well. You can’t help but pull for Cameron and Julie. The chemistry between the characters is sweet and electric at the same time. I loved the playful banter and quick wit between the characters. “Complicated Vanilla”…loved it. I couldn’t put the book down once reading it. I actually stayed up a little too late a couple of nights reading it. Baxter Brown had me pulled into the story. She had me excited, laughing, crying and impressed. It is a very touching story and well worth reading. “I will find you in the next life” …loved it. Some of the lines from the book are unforgettable. I hope there is a second book for Cameron and Julie so we may know more that happens to the lovely characters. I look forward to reading any of Brown’s books.

  2. handigrrl

    The book was amazing, I couldn’t put it down!!! Can’t wait for the next one

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