Three Reasons to Say Yes

by Jaime Clevenger

When a little rest and relaxation turns into something more…

Julia Maguire can’t wait to spend two weeks in Hawaii with her best friends. She’s been dreaming about this trip for years and all she wants is to lay on a sandy beach with an icy cocktail in her hand. But those vacation goals change the moment she meets Reed Baxter.

Reed is a busy doctor with family demands. She’s in Hawaii to let go, not find love, and she’s not interested in any commitment. Adding a little heat to the vacation seems like a good idea as long as there aren’t expectations for anything more.






Genre Romance
Length 314 pages
Publication Date September 13, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594936159e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"Hawaii is one of my favorite places on earth. Before kids, my wife and I were lucky enough to travel there often but kids change things and most vacations are now spent visiting relatives.

Last year we did manage a trip to Hawaii with the kids and that was when I realized how different nearly every experience is as a parent. Hawaii still is paradise, don’t get me wrong, but with kids you slow down and enjoy the sunsets, splash in the waves and build sand castles more. With this slower pace, I found myself wanting to read island romances as I kicked back on the beach. Thus began a little daydreaming and before long I had an entire plot and too many characters to contain in one book.

Three Reasons To Say Yes begins a series of romances all set in island locations. The kid aspect certainly threw a few curveballs in this particular romance but to me Julia and Reed’s story is more about growing out of your comfort zone. Julia has issues about sex that she worries might be insurmountable and Reed has reservations about love in general. Opening your heart isn’t easy and Three Reasons to Say Yes is about that process. I hope you enjoy this mini vacation to paradise!"
—Ann Roberts

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