Cooper's Deale

by KI Thompson

Two would-be lovers and a decidedly inopportune murder spell trouble, no matter which way the cards fall.

Nothing ever seems to go right in Addy Cooper’s life. She loses her job in California when her boss is arrested for importing Russian brides and exporting bootleg copies of yet-to-be-released movies. Her partner, upon hearing that Addy is unemployed, dumps her for the butch UPS delivery driver. And to top it all off, the grandmother who raised Addy and Tommy, her mentally disabled brother, dies suddenly when a piece of space debris the size of a Kenmore dishwasher lands on her, killing her instantly.

Returning to the small town she grew up in, Addy is forced to support herself and Tommy by taking on boarders. Her life appears to be returning to normal until she finds herself caught between two love interests, both of whom suspect her of murder. What more can go wrong? Plenty.



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Genre Romance
Length 224 pages
Publication Date September 1, 2008
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781602820289

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