Designed for Love

by Erin Dutton

Jillian Sealy and Wil Johnson don’t much like each other but they do have to work together, at least long enough to rehab an historic house.

Jillian Sealy is not running away from her life, she’s seizing a business opportunity. That’s what she tells herself when she moves to a rural Tennessee town to flip a nearly century-old house. But the project gets a bit more interesting when she meets her devastatingly attractive contractor, Wil Johnson. When Jillian seems to think she has Wil all figured out from nearly their first meeting, Wil wants nothing to do with her. Wil has spent most of her life being underestimated by her neighbors because of where she came from, and she’s not about to get involved with a big-city snob who does the same.

Forced to cooperate for the sake of the project, Jillian and Wil find that what they desire most is not what either of them had planned.





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Genre Romance
Length 192 pages
Publication Date November 1, 2008
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781602820388e

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