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Between the Lines

by Bobbi Marolt

When romance writer Gail Prescott meets British actor Tannen Albright, she develops feelings that she usually only experiences through her characters. Despite Gail’s prickly demeanor, Tannen won’t be deterred from striking up a friendship. Gail’s emotional walls begin to crumble before Tannen’s irresistible charms, and she cautiously allows Tannen, and the possibility of love, into her life. Then Gail’s tragic history collides with Tannen’s equally heartbreaking past, and Gail’s life turns into a hurricane of destruction.

Hoping to save their love, Tannen asks for the one thing Gail may not be able to give—all of herself. Can their love prevail, or will history destroy all hope for the future? The answer lies between the lines of what has been written and what might be in this sensual, touching romance.



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Genre Romance
Length 224 pages
Publication Date May 1, 2009
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781602820784

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