Casa Parisi

by Janet Albert

Lucia Parisi holds the world within her grasp until one tragic afternoon when everything slips through her fingers. In an attempt to re-build her shattered life she moves back home to the Finger Lakes region of central New York State where she opens a winery. On the surface the pieces of her new life are falling into place except for one vital thing…Lucia can’t find a way to heal her heart.

French Canadian winemaker, Juliet Renard, is rapidly gaining a reputation as a rising young talent among local winery owners. She’s paid her dues and now it is time to leave her current job as an assistant in the hopes of finding a position as a head winemaker.

When Lucia asks a friend if she knows any available winemakers, her friend encourages her to bring Juliet in for an interview. For both women, their meeting marks a major turning point, but for vastly different reasons. Lucia is forced to take a look at what tragedy has done to her and Juliet discovers something about herself that changes her life forever.






Genre Romance
Length 204
Publication Date March 1, 2012
Publisher Regal Crest
ISBN 9781619290167e
Cover Designer Donna Pawlowski

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    beast4 (verified owner)

    Excellent reading. It’s hard to lose the love of your life and then try to move on; it’s survivor’s guilt that plays a big role in Lucia’s life. All of her doubts surfaces with the what if’s, the how comes and do I have the motivation?
    Lucia keeps sliding back and forth because of the events in her life and even though she has lots of lifelines around her; she seems to take two steps forward but ten steps back and gets nowhere. Her brother Luke and his family, good friends Carolyn, Lisa, Georgie and Bernie, the two people who look out for her at the bar Lucia frequents all want to help Lucia by picking up the pieces and prodding her along. Lucia reached the bottom. All she can do now is either stay there or start climbing.
    The Carsis family has grown and everyone who works in the vineyard, restaurant, tasting bar, the festivals, and a new winemaker embraces Lucia.
    Juliet breathes life into Lucia and I love how the book unfolds and builds the characters, allows the story to breath. Just like opening up a bottle of wine.
    I’ve learned so much about the wine making process that I can’t wait to go out and try them all. The process it takes to mix and match. Love the pairings of what foods go with what food group and I want to learn more.
    Thanks to Ms. Albert who passes her knowledge to others who want to learn. Learn about the complexities of mixing to enhancing or blending of wines together. I appreciate the process and
    I have a thirst to learn more about wine.
    Yes I recommend this book because it’s more than a love story. It’s life.

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