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Second Chances

by Lynne Norris

Author’s cut edition.

Alex Margulies is a self-driven chief attending physician in the emergency department of a large community medical center. She is fierce and merciless with her staff, expecting the same tireless dedication from her peers as she does from herself.

Driven by her recent failures, Alex struggles to put her troubled past behind her. With the annual influx of new residents to the hospital, the she meets one of her new charges, Regina Kingston, a bright, young, promising doctor. Before long, Regina finds herself irresistibly drawn to the enigmatic physician despite the woman’s fiery personality and maligned reputation.

As professional differences come to light and personalities clash, Alex and Regina both struggle to overcome their own demons. It is within each other that they will find the strength to overcome their darkest moments, surviving to live and love again.



Genre Romance
Length 347 pages
Publication Date October 1, 2013
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781619291720e
Cover Designer Donna Pawlowski

Customer Reviews

1 review for Second Chances – eBook

  1. Vermeul (verified owner)

    I loved this book – and a huge bonus is the number of pages. There are many twists and all refreshingly new. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

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