Stranger than Fiction

by Jeanine Hoffman

A self described recluse, artist, and acclaimed author, Tori Monroe is used to being self-reliant. She has chosen a life where she grows and hunts for as much of her food supply as possible. When she isn’t outside keeping herself fed, she is writing under one of two pseudonyms or creating canvasses for display in distant galleries. She has spent most of her adult life working and living in seclusion.

When Tori is injured while hunting, she seeks help at the closest small town. Once there, things begin to happen fast. A hand surgeon who does research on blood disorders, a clinical psychologist who helps people deal with the stress brought on by intense life events, and even the hospital staff get overly interested in her care.

Tori learns that what really happened to her out in the woods was more than a hunting accident. She has been infected with a strange virus that will change her in literal and figurative ways she never imagined.






Genre Speculative
Length 228 pages
Publication Date March 1, 2016
Publisher Regal Crest
ISBN 9781619292758e
Cover Designer Acorn Graphics

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Stranger than Fiction – eBook

  1. Emilie from Derry

    Story was great but the end left you hanging, hoping for a sequel

  2. Sue from Victoria

    This story captured me from page one. I had to stop myself from rushing through to get to the next page. I agree with a previous review that the end left you haning. Also looking for a sequel, hopefully sooner than later.

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