Glimpses of a Fractured Soul

by Mercedes Lewis

We are three parts; body, spirit, and soul.

Emotion, which echoes all of our parts, is a multifaceted, multicoloured palette of feelings, a kaleidoscope of colors from the palest of white, to the deepest, darkest of black, and everything in between, all formed by three primary colors.

We use words to try to express ourselves, to paint a picture for others of how we feel.

Poetry does so in a succinct, no-holds-barred fashion, using words as color to paint our joy, our pain, our BEING.

Sometimes, we get glimpses of colors not usually shared, a snapshot that may reveal more than we intended.





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Genre Poetry
Length 193 pages
Publication Date April 1, 2017
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781619293274e
Cover Designer Acorn Graphics

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