Out and Proud

by Lisa Young

Lottie Grant is a 40-year-old mother of two struggling to come to terms with her new-found identity as a lesbian living in a small Scottish costal community in the Highlands of Scotland. A witty and thoughtful account of one woman’s journey from conventional married life-with-two-children towards acceptance of her true sexuality: learning about life as an out lesbian, finding a new partner and dealing with all the complexities that her new life choices have created.

After a chance encounter with the local gay vet Alice, Lottie is thrown into the excitement and turmoil of a new relationship. Lottie’s insecurities about lesbian sex and her lack of experience are humorously depicted in the engaging first chapter of the book. Whilst Lottie establishes new friendships within the small lesbian community she meets another guiding but often disruptive influence, the inimitable Pru. Pru is an older lesbian with eccentric views about life, she has a sizable ego and is a dominating presence on those around her.

The novel chronicles the developing relationship between Lottie and Alice and the challenges they, and the family, experience. This is a unique and light-hearted novel which will be sure to make you belly laugh and cry, simultaneously.






Genre Romance
Length 264 pages
Publication Date November 1, 2018
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781619293939e
Cover Designer Acorn Graphics

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  1. lucille

    Wow! I absolutely loved this read. It is sweet, witty, charming and incredibly well written. The story of Lottie, Alice and Pru flowed without awkwardness and effort. I particularly enjoyed the sub story of Odie and Boots. This read is a sheer pleasure, more please….

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