The Lost Temple of Psiere

by K. Aten

As the heir to the throne, Royal Connate Olivienne Dracore cannot escape having a Shield team protecting her wherever she goes. However, with the addition of Shield Commander Castellan Tosh, she has a team that doesn’t just guard her person but also aids in her job as a historical adventurist. Olivienne knows without a doubt that together they can unravel the Divine Mystery of who the Makers were, and why they created the great temples.

With the conclusion of their last mission, Olivienne acquired the map needed to find the mysterious third great temple of Psiere. And there is no better company on a mission than her beloved commander. But before they can leave to brave the dangers of the unknown, they must brave their own oathing ceremony. They will need each other for the coming adventure because, as with all things related to the Makers, mystery often begets mystery and danger is always just one wrong step away. Especially when the prize is something that could change Psiere forever.

Mystery of the Makers Book 2.





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Genre Science Fiction
Length 346 pages
Publication Date October 30, 2020
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781619294493e
Cover Designer Acorn Graphics

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1 review for Lost Temple of Psiere, The – eBook

  1. dlc (verified owner)

    Awesome follow up from book 1. Can’t go wrong with this writer. No matter what she writes, it’s a winner.

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