The Last Scion of Ra

by K. Aten

Eighteen years after the Chromodec Uprising of 2020, the world is a very different place. Kaelen Ra-Evon lands on Earth, a planet where aliens exist and refugees are fast-tracked to citizenship in many countries. Her tale encompasses the age-old notions of loss, love, and found family. Kaelen tries to navigate her new life on Earth, as well as a romance with genius CEO, Leah Lockheed-Tuck, all while honoring her family’s legacy as the last of her house.

She’s wary of the Chromodec Office of Restraint and Protection, a US agency tasked with policing people of power regardless of their race or planet of origin. In an attempt to protect the woman she loves, Kaelen becomes a vigilante: Scion. She won’t let laws or the CORP stop her from doing what’s right.

Revised edition.





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Genre Fantasy, Romance
Length 482 pages
Publication Date December 1, 2022
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781619295278e
Editor Patty Schramm and Micheala Lynn
Cover Designer May Dawney Designs

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1 review for Last Scion of Ra, The – eBook

  1. mcqueent (verified owner)

    Touching adaptation of a classic story, with a sweet romance and consistent sci-fi.

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