Paradise Lost and Found

by K. Aten

“Welcome to Paradise Island Resort, where we specialize in sun, sand, and self-improvement.”

Jess Parker has entered middle age single, bitter, and emotionally wounded. Even her friends have noticed her downward spiral into anger and resentment. Then she wins a self-help vacation to the beautiful Paradise Island Resort. Despite spending the past few years with her emotions on ice, the warm tropical climate and hotter resort manager, Lucia Cruz, succeeds in thawing her heart. Jess falls for Lucia, even knowing that her island stay is limited. Four weeks is hardly long enough when love is on the line.

Jess will need to make some tough choices about the rest of her life when her time is up. She’s vowed to be a better person and has started making positive changes, but it’s on Jess to put her heart and soul into it. She also holds onto the hope that some connections, no matter how unexpected, simply can’t be broken.



Genre Speculative, Romance
Publication Date July 1, 2024
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781619295513e
Cover Designer Kelly Aten-Keilen

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