by Andrea Bramhall

When Charlie Porter meets Hazaar Alim her first year of university, she’s instantly smitten. Hazaar has it all: beauty, talent, and brains. What she doesn’t realize is that Hazaar’s future has already been decided, and Charlie has no place in it.

Hazaar desperately wants to break with her traditions and stay with Charlie, but when forced to choose, she chooses her family over love. When she realizes the choice she made is the worst one possible, it’s too late.

Years later, while working in Pakistan as a diplomat and negotiator, Charlie receives a phone call from a woman who says her British sister-in-law is to be killed for the family’s honor and asks if someone can save her.

Charlie and Hazaar are on a collision course with destiny. If they make it out alive, can they believe in their love once again?





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Genre Lesbian Romance
Length 105,693 words, 312 pages
Publication Date May 1, 2014
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626391024e

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1 review for Nightingale – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    READ Andrea Bramhall‘s “Nightingale” if you haven’t already. I read it a while ago and was deeply affected, I was reeling for days. Re-reading it still gave me the same emotional effect like the first time. It truly was one of the most memorable and haunting love stories in lesfic I ever read. Definitely one of me favourites.

    Intensely gripping, terrifyingly realistic, heartbreaking, heartwarming, gut-wrenching, deeply resonating, culturally, socially relevant, beautifully written. Destiny and serendipity portrayed with the most riveting and harrowing narrative. Finding romance and holding on to an unbreakable love even in the darkest moments. Undying perseverance. Beauty in ugliness. Love in hate. Light in dark. Hope in despair. All authentically depicted by Bramhall’s masterful writing craft and story weaving.

    Everyone who believes in true, everlasting love should read Hazaar and Charlie’s story!

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