by Shea Godfrey

When Captain Darrius Durand and Princess Jessa of Lyoness announce their love, they know it will be an end to many things. What they do not expect is that it will be the beginning of so much more. For good or ill, in the wake of their declaration, the tide of events that sweep through the corridors of Blackstone Keep will change the course of history. While one kingdom awakens to the drums of war, another finds itself entangled within the dark legacy of an aging tyrant. And when an age-old prophecy is reborn beneath the light of their new love, Darry and Jessa must forge their own path through the turmoil, a treacherous path that leads them to a truth that no one expects, a path that binds their fate to an ancient love still caught within the threads of time.

The Arravan Series Book 2.





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Genre Lesbian Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Speculative Fiction
Length 72,100 words/240 pages
Publication Date August 18, 2014
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626391239e
Editor Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Shea Godfrey

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1 review for Blackstone – eBook

  1. Y. Helga from Adelphi, Md.

    Love your books!!! Have read this series multiple times and I’m moved every time. Please give us more of Jessa, Darry, Emmalyn, Bentley, Nina, Malcolm, etc. You’re awesome

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