A Royal Romance

by Jenny Frame

Georgina, Princess of Wales, has always known her destiny, but she never expected duty to call so soon. When her father dies suddenly, she is called back from her Royal Navy post to assume the crown. While the people acclaim their new Queen, Great Britain’s first openly gay monarch, all George feels is the isolation of her station.

Beatrice Elliot’s staunch anti-monarchist views have always been a point of gentle contention with her working class, royalty-loving parents. When Bea—director of a hospice charity—must spend six months working with Queen Georgina, her charity’s new patron, sparks fly and passion blooms. But is love enough to bridge the gap between Bethnal Green and Buckingham Palace?



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Genre Lesbian Romance
Length 109,300 words/312 pages
Publication Date May 18, 2015
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626393608
Editor Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Sheri

Customer Reviews

1 review for Royal Romance, A – Paperback

  1. cheekybugger13

    I had an absolute blast reading this book, the 1st installment of Jenny Frame‘s Royal Romance series. I have to admit, I am a bit of a British monarchist. But I never thought I’d be reading a lesbian romance in the monarchy!! Needless to say, I was floored, literally, by Frame’s attention to detail about all the pomp and circumstance that came with the monarchy and endless royal protocols! I was immediately transported to Frame’s future world of the British monarchy where we had our first out and proud lesbian Queen, who took over her father’s reign after his death, and along the way, found her true love, Bea, an anti-Monarchist Republican and a commoner, destined to become her Queen Consort! All the surroundings, the architectural designs of every structure in the book were diligently described with absolute aplomb that I felt the realism of it all. Honestly, I thought Queen Georgina and the rest of the royals were the real deal in our world! Bloody hell!

    These 3 words: Lesbian. Royal Couple. That. Is. All.

    This superbly written, captivating, romantic love story is a MUST-READ!

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