Cold to the Touch

by Cari Hunter

Winter in the Derbyshire Peaks: months of knee-deep snow, short days, and rocketing crime rates.

Detective Sanne Jensen is living in self-imposed isolation and quietly falling apart, while Dr. Meg Fielding—Sanne’s best friend and occasional lover—is struggling to cope with her violent brother, who is back in town and demanding money that she doesn’t have.

When the murder of a drug addict is dumped onto Sanne’s already unmanageable caseload, she suspects the death may be the start of something more sinister. But how can she investigate a crime when no one cares about the victim? And how can she stop a killer who has no identity, no motive, and no conscience?

he Dark Peak Series Book 2.





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Genre Lesbian Mystery
Length 93,500 words/312 pages
Publication Date December 1, 2015
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626395275e
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Sheri

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1 review for Cold to the Touch – eBook

  1. D.K. N. (verified owner)

    The three books in the series with Sanne Jensen & Meg Fielding are some of the best mystery/thriller books I’ve read, bar none. Cari Hunter is an exceptional writer who knows how to build interesting characters, interweave great plots, and most importantly, integrate humor and humanity into sometimes bleak situations. If you’re a fan of lesbian fiction, these are great books. If you don’t know or care about lesbian fiction, these are still great books. Highly recommended.

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