Into Thin Air

by Jeannie Levig

Hannah Lewis’s life is exactly where she thinks it should be. But when her girlfriend, Jordan, disappears into thin air and she and Jordan’s best friend, Nikki, are drawn closer in the search, she discovers that lovers can be strangers and perceived knowledge just as illusory. The more she learns, the less she seems to know, and the more she discovers about herself.

Jordan Webber, a civil rights attorney, emotional economist, and failed monogamist, has her secrets, but none of them account for the sudden turn her life takes as she is ripped away from everything she knows. In a struggle for her sanity, she is forced to confront who she has been and decide if that is still who she wants to be. When they come together again, can anything ever be the same?





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Genre Intrigue/Thriller, Romance
Length 98,500 words/312 pages
Publication Date January 19, 2017
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626397231
Editor Victoria Villasenor and Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Sheri

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1 review for Into Thin Air – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    Thanks to this year (2018)’s GCLS, Jeannie Levig‘s award-winning “Into Thin Air” piqued me interest. I always wanted to try out Levig’s books but me reckons, everything has its own timing, hasn’t it?

    It’s always refreshing to read a story that is carefully crafted with a dose of creativity and originality in the presentation of the plot, structure, purpose and most of all, the emotional journey of the characters in different circumstances and situations, not normally tackled and written in a particular genre. I’m pleased to say, “Into Thin Air” fits this otherwise creative modus operandi. How Levig portrayed the romance in this book was honest and candid whilst exuding a sense of uneasiness, albeit very true and real.

    This book was a bloody good read and it totally deserves the Goldie for the “Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure” category, simply by its purely inventive plot and storytelling. So, a big congrats to you and well done, Ms. Levig!

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