Phoenix Rising

by Rebecca Harwell

The Iron Phoenix, the masked vigilante of Storm’s Quarry, has not been seen since the solstice and the tragedy it brought. Haunted by nightmares and striving for control over her powers, Nadya Gabori watches from afar as the city struggles to heal, and Kesali, the woman she loves, works to rebuild their dream of peace.

A new masked figure has arrived in Storm’s Quarry, the Shadow Dragon, one who can conjure blades of light. Nadya feels a powerful connection to her and begins to question if Kesali is the future she wants. When the neighboring Kingdom of Wintercress takes advantage of the city’s weakness, it will take the strength of both young women to defend Storm’s Quarry against invasion and save everyone they hold dear.

Book 2 in the Storm’s Quarry Series.





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Genre Romance, Action/Adventure, Fantasy
Length 65,000 words/240 pages
Publication Date April 13, 2017
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626399143
Editor Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Jeanine Henning

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