by Sandy Lowe

What to do when a tiny little lie is the one thing that keeps you from winning the girl of your dreams?

Still being a virgin is Ashley’s dirty little secret. That, and the fact she’s hopelessly in love with her best friend Leah. When Leah needs help extricating herself from an awkward one-night stand, Ashley runs to the rescue. An innocent touch turns electric, and Ashley has to come clean about her charade or risk losing the woman she loves.



Genre Romance
Length 14,600 words
Publication Date May 11, 2017
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626399778
Editor Radclyffe & Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Melody Pond

Customer Reviews

1 review for Irresistible – eBook

  1. isabelle

    Magnificently written! It was the right amount of sweet, funny, sexy! Even though it was short, it was not less amazing. If you are looking for a quick lesbian erotica, this is for you!
    I definitely recommend!

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