Ricochet in Time

by Lori L. Lake

Dani Corbett has been with her new girlfriend only a short while, but after a vicious hate crime, Meg is dead and Dani is left physically injured and emotionally scarred. Since her injury prevents Dani from fleeing on her motorcycle, which is her normal response to a crisis, she must find a way to deal with her grief and rage.

But as one door has closed for Dani, another opens when Grace Beaumont, who works as a physical therapist at the hospital where Dani is treated, befriends her and helps her to heal. With Grace’s friendship and the help of Grace’s aunts, Estelline and Ruth, Dani must get through the ordeal of bringing Meg’s killer to justice.

Ricochet In Time is the story of one lonely woman’s fight for justice—and her struggle to resolve the troubles of her past and find a place in a world where she belongs.

A Runaway Romance.

Third Edition.





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Genre Romance
Length 290 pages
Publication Date July 22, 2022
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633040038e
Editor Day Petersen, CA Casey and Nann Dunne
Cover Designer Lorelei

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