Under the Gun

by Lori L. Lake

Under The Gun is the long-awaited sequel to the bestselling novel, Gun Shy, about St. Paul Police Officers Dez Reilly and Jaylynn Savage.

Picking up just a couple weeks after Gun Shy ended, the two partners are adjusting to their relationship, but things start to go downhill when they are dispatched to a double homicide—Jaylynn’s first murder scene. Dez is supportive and protective of Jaylynn, and things to seem to go all right until their nemesis reports their personal relationship. When the brass restrict them from riding together on patrol, a chain of events is set in motion that results in Jaylynn getting wounded, Dez being suspended, and both of them having to face the possibility of life without the other. They face struggles—separately and together—that they must work through while truly feeling “under the gun.”

Gun Series Book 2.



Genre Romance, Intrigue
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633040076e

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