Buyer's Remorse

by Lori L. Lake

Leona “Leo” Reese is a police patrol sergeant with over a decade of law enforcement experience. After she fails her bi-yearly shooting qualification due to a vision problem, Leo is temporarily assigned to the state’s civilian investigation division. She’s shell-shocked by her vision impairment and frustrated to be off the streets where she feels she’s most needed.

On her first day at the new job, Leo is assigned a case where a retired woman at an independent living facility has died—supposedly from natural causes. But the case turns into a baffling murder. No suspects, no motive, no useful clues, even though the victim’s long-time partner, Eleanor Sinclair, is also trying to find the truth.

Nothing is what it seems, and it will take all of Leo’s smarts to outwit a dangerous criminal. Will she uncover the murderer before other people are robbed and killed?

Second Edition.

Book 1 in The Public Eye Mystery Series.





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Genre Mystery
Publication Date June 1, 2022
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633040151e
Editor Jennifer Knight and Mary Logue
Cover Designer Lorelei

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