Circle of Stones

by Reba Birmingham

Be careful what you wish for. Panda Fowler thinks her magic isn’t as exciting as the talents of those around her. For example, her wife Mitzi can fly. Ekk and Elsa, her  magical guardians, have the ability to make “elf holes” and use aromas to control emotions. Panda has “sensing magic,” which seems very tame in comparison. Before being considered for a dangerous mission, it didn’t matter. Once she and her cat were almost killed in her own kitchen, things changed. Somehow, ravens came in great numbers to chase her attackers away. Did Panda call the ravens? If she did, can she do it again? Her father-in-law, leader of all free magical creatures, pretty much orders Panda to “figure it out” and use her “raven magic” on behalf of the Hercynian Forest. Panda’s not so sure she can do that, and the stakes are literally the balance of good and evil in both Merryville and the Hercynian Forest.

In her own town of Merryville, the temperature is getting progressively colder and no one knows why. Forces from abroad have made this their problem to solve. It’s not like she and her wife can just drop everything to solve existential threats either. Panda and Mitzi Fowler still have responsibilities in Merryville, the ordinary world. Very few know of their secret life. Panda does taxes, and Mitzi is getting more involved with the Horticultural Society to pay a debt. The local stories intertwine with their magical mission as the couple deals with a fire which threatens their friends, an active shooter situation at a memory care, and the strange frost and snow covering their town. Will Panda, Mitzi, and their eclectic band of friends find a way to successfully beat back the evil forces at play?

The Hercynian Forest Series Book 4.





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Genre Fantasy
Length 284 pages
Publication Date November 20, 2023
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633040601e
Editor Jodi A. Zeramby
Cover Designer Lorelei

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