A Quantum Uncertainty

by CA Farlow

2017 Rainbow Awards: Winner, Cate Culpepper Award for Best Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance

In the wake of the Hebridean insurrection, which threatened the safety and future of her homeworld, Alex of Terra is focused on isolating the conspirators so no further harm can be done. Her soulmate, Lauren of Earth, prepares to become Alex’s Consort and the Co-Ruler of the Terran people, but she is plagued with horrible nightmares from the aftermath of recent trauma. She’s also dealing with the sadness of believing she abandoned her dearest friends whom she left behind on her own homeworld.

When it becomes clear that a trip through the nexus to Earth is necessary, Alex and Lauren make plans to travel there despite the many obstacles they face on Terra. The trip will be risky, but they have determination and the comfort of their soul connection.

But neither is prepared for what happens next, and when their enemies lash out, will they even be able to survive the vicious attacks?

2nd Edition.

Book 2 in The Nexus Series.



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Genre Science Fiction
Length 296 pages
Publication Date May 5, 2021
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633042230
Cover Designer Lorelei

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