The Paris Contagion

by CA Farlow

Global terrorism, bioweapons, despots, and a deadly new virus all combine to make the world an unstable place, particularly for Samantha Michaels, an analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency, and for Cassandra Stanley, captain of a US Navy battleship. Fears mount as weapons of mass destruction are tested by North Korea’s Supreme Leader and a deadly pandemic sweeps through the world. When missiles capable of reaching the United States are tested, it’s clear North Korea must be stopped. Ripped from today’s news headlines, The Paris Contagion spans the globe. Can the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea be stopped before Armageddon is launched on the world?





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Genre Thriller
Length 346 pages
Publication Date March 15, 2023
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633042407e
Editor Kay Grey and Jane Cuthbertson
Cover Designer Lorelei and Peggy Zeramby

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  1. Cshell4MG

    Although different from her Nexus series, C.A. Farlow still delivers a compelling storey about intelligent, brave and determined women, who will do what it takes to stop a sadistic man from obtaining the dominance and power he craves over his archenemy and the world. A must read.

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