Words on a Plate

by Reba Birmingham

“An exciting adventure with unique characters navigating their way through fantasy and reality. . . [Words on a Plate is an] easy read, writing is crisp, and the mystical characters are interesting with creative powers.” -Katie Cotter, former news editor, The Advocate

Panda and Mitzi Fowler, a married couple, and their best friends Valerie and Juniper are processing their recent discovery that magic is real. Elves! Fairies! Magical flying creatures! And Mitzi has magical powers she never knew about which she may have to employ when they take off for Peru to search for Panda’s long-lost parents. At home in Merryville, Juniper opens a new feminist exhibit at the museum called “Words on a Plate,” which is met with homophobia and protest. As the women journey toward their goals, they end up threatened and tormented, all of which crescendos at the Merryville Museum. Can a bit of magic help them overcome evil and prejudice? Or will hatred win?

“There’s no way to introduce you to all the fascinating characters [in Words on a Plate that] Reba has created in her new take on the war between this world and the world of magic. But I can say this: Many of her characters in both worlds just happen to be lesbian or gay, bisexual or transgender. To Reba, whatever they are makes no difference to the story. I love that. One day we may live in a world where people are just people and fairies are just fairies, but until then, Reba’s writing reflects the America we all want to live in.” -Mel White, author of Stranger at the Gate: To be Gay and Christian in America and Holy TerrorLies the Christian Right Tell Us to Deny Gay Equality

The Hercynian Forest Series Book 2.





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Genre Fantasy, Adventure
Length 220 pages
Publication Date August 15, 2019
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633042445e
Cover Designer Lorelei

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