The Smell of Rain

by Cameron MacElvee

Air Force Lieutenant and military interpreter Chrys Safis lost her leg fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria. Once back home in DC, her fiancée leaves, her military career ends, and her faith in humanity evaporates. With prescription drugs and alcohol her only relief from the pain, Chrys is on her way to becoming a statistic.

That is until the State Department calls and offers her an important assignment—to serve as a diplomatic liaison and interpreter for a Turkish national living in exile. Reyha Arslan, a wise and elegant woman with a tragic past, shows Chrys that there’s still beauty to embrace and reason to hope despite the world’s cruelty. With Reyha’s help, Chrys’s broken spirit starts to heal and she learns that the most significant love is often the shortest lived.



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Genre General Fiction
Length 91,000 words/264 pages
Publication Date May 17, 2018
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635551662
Editor Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Melody Pond

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1 review for Smell of Rain, The – Paperback

  1. vermeul

    This is such a fantastic book & worthy of another top award for Cameron MacElvee: superb writing skills, a fabulous love story, food for thought, wisdom & insight.

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