The Outcasts

by Alexa Black

Sue Jones is a spacebus driver from a nowhere colony. Yearning for adventure, she pilots a shuttle into uncharted regions—and crash-lands in a harsh world. Kara is an alien whose people are Outcasts who have been banished to this world and survive in Rings above the storm-swept surface.

When Kara rescues her and brings her to the Rings, Sue soon learns that the Outcasts believe humans belong on the surface. As Sue discovers her protector’s secrets, Kara struggles to keep Sue safe and her own feelings at bay. Can love bridge the gap between worlds and heal the deepest of wounds?



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Genre Erotica, Speculative
Publication Date July 19, 2018
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635552423
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Sheri

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