The Sex Therapist Next Door

by Meghan O'Brien

Diana Kelley is a couple’s sex therapist with a problem: it’s her job to convince her clients of the importance of sexual and emotional intimacy, but after surviving a toxic relationship with an abusive ex, she’s sworn off love and can’t fathom ever making herself vulnerable again. When her best friend Ava is injured the night she is scheduled to assist with a hands-on sexual education workshop, Diana is forced to find a short term replacement. The last thing she wants is a new lover, even a paid one.

After a year of living in the apartment next door, all Jude Monaco knows about her neighbor Diana is that she’s a gorgeous, older woman and the inspiration for more dirty fantasies than she cares to admit. So when Diana knocks on her door with a shockingly delicious favor to ask, Jude seizes the opportunity to learn more.

Their professional relationship is supposed to be a clinical erotic arrangement between a sex therapist and her assistant, but at the intersection of sex and intimacy, anything is possible. Even love.





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Genre Erotica, Romance
Length 107,000 words/312 pages
Publication Date November 15, 2018
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635553093
Editor Shelley Thrasher
Cover Designer TY Justice

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1 review for Sex Therapist Next Door, The – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    Finished Meghan O’Brien’s “The Sex Therapist Next Door” and I’m…just….?? Speechless. Just when I thought O’Brien’s erotic romance writing genius couldn’t get any more ?, BAM ?! She turns the notch way UP in this one! PHWOAR! ???

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