The House

by Eden Darry

Sadie, Fin, and their two children were a perfectly ordinary family. Even if Fin felt taken for granted sometimes. Even if their introverted son, Liam, had terrible nightmares and knew things he shouldn’t.

But everything changes the night Sadie is viciously assaulted by former client Lance Sherry. Sherry knows where they live, and when the police fail to catch him, Sadie and Fin are forced to run. They think they’ve found the perfect place to start over. The house is everything Fin dreamed of, but as they settle in, Sadie  discovers their home may not be what it seems, and daughter Lucy’s imaginary friend might not be imaginary at all. Or even a friend. With Lance Sherry hunting them, the house could be the least of their problems. He’s coming to finish what he started. And he won’t stop until he finds Sadie.





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Genre Intrigue/Thriller, Paranormal
Length 61,000 words/240 pages
Publication Date April 11, 2019
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635553963
Editor Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Melody Pond

Customer Reviews

1 review for House, The – eBook

  1. jordanas (verified owner)

    This is a solid debut and kept me entertained throughout. I felt apprehension, righteous indignation, a desire to see very bad things happen to the villians and willed the strong characters to reclaim their power & save the day. I look forward to further books from this author.

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