Create a Life to Love

by Erin Zak

Romance novelist Jackie Mitchell has built a life that works: few responsibilities, friends that know she’s far from outgoing, and sex whenever she needs it. She has her past, but she doesn’t think about it. Ever.

All that changes when she finds the child she gave up for adoption standing on the doorstep. Now sixteen years old, Beth Weber is resourceful, a blossoming artist, and a spitting image of her birth mom. To say Jackie is stunned is the understatement of the year.

When Jackie meets Beth’s adoptive mom, Susan, they’re immediately attracted to each other, but there’s no way Jackie is getting involved with a married woman, especially Beth’s mom. But when Susan and Beth need a place to stay and end up back on Jackie’s doorstep, their lives change forever.

Will these three women who share a past and face an uncertain future be able to forge a life of love together?



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Genre Romance
Length 92,000 words/288 pages
Publication Date June 13, 2019
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635554250
Editor Barbara Ann Wright
Cover Designer Melody Pond

Customer Reviews

1 review for Create a Life to Love – Paperback

  1. Ameliah

    Ms. Zak is a new to me author and one I am very impressed with. I’ve never read a story like this and was enchanted by it. I loved the characters. They were charming, interesting and lovely. The writing was engaging and fun, the romance was sweet and tender, just how I like it! The tale was a wonderful read and I cannot wait to read more from this author!!!

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