My Date with a Wendigo

by Genevieve McCluer

Elizabeth Rosseau and Abigail Lester were best friends. At twenty-one, they confess their feelings for each other before leaving for winter break. It should have been a love story, only Abigail never came back.

Six years later, Elizabeth contacts her one last time, and to her surprise, Abigail answers. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Abigail is hesitant to see her in person. She was in an accident that left her a monster, a wendigo. Now she’s in a support group for other inhuman cannibals and is mostly convinced that she could avoid eating Elizabeth, but Abigail doesn’t trust herself, and even more, she’s terrified that if Elizabeth finds out the truth, she’ll never want to see her again.

They want nothing more than to be together, but they belong to different worlds, different lives, and different food groups.



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Genre Paranormal, Romance
Length 73,700 words/240 pages
Publication Date March 12, 2020
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635556797
Editor Barbara Ann Wright
Cover Designer Tammy Seidick

Customer Reviews

1 review for My Date with a Wendigo – Paperback

  1. jordanas

    Love this book. It’s imaginative, complete with humour and vulnerability. The author manages to communicate guilt and self-confidence without sucking the life out of the reader, no pun intended. A magical mix of lighthearted and dark themes, which ones are which will depend entirely on the reader. Awesome book.

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