Marry Me

by Melissa Brayden

Allison Hale had always played second fiddle. She didn’t win the science fair, have a million friends, or become the world’s best mom. That was her sister, Betsy. However, Ally’s managed to do something her sister couldn’t, connect her family’s failing business to the wealthy Carmichaels through her engagement to their son, Brent. All she has to do is plan the wedding of the century with the hottest wedding planner in town, Megan Kinkaid. How could she have ever guessed that Megan and her zest for life would threaten everything she’d carefully planned?

Megan Kinkaid knows how to produce a wedding for the history books and she’s not about to miss out on the chance to tackle high-profile Brent Carmichael’s. His fiancée, however, is not who Megan imagined for shiny Brent. Ally Hale is beautiful, earnest, selfless, and fun. She’s also everything Megan ever wanted for herself, and their chemistry hovers in the stratosphere. But can she make Ally see that there’s more to life than making others happy before it’s too late?



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Genre Romance
Length 99,500 words/288 pages
Publication Date November 18, 2021
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635559323
Editor Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Jeanine Henning

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Marry Me – Paperback

  1. Ameliah

    This was a cute book with lots of wonderful humor and light heartedness. I was skeptical about how good it would be because the trope had been done before but Ms Brayden put a new spin on it and it really worked. I loved the light hearted humor and teasing this book had. It made it fun and flirty.

  2. Wendi R.

    This is one of my favorites by Melissa. Her books make me laugh, cry and be happy at the end. This is a must read.

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