Craving Cassie

by Skye Rowan

Siobhan Carney and Cassie Townsend are opposites. Siobhan’s struggling in her marriage but keeps things together for her two children. Cassie’s a charming investment banker and infamous flirt who just won’t commit.

When Siobhan arrives as a trainee at Cassie’s firm, desperate to shake up something in her life, she doesn’t expect their connection to change their lives forever. Siobhan and Cassie are instantly drawn to one another, but far too much stands in their way, including Siobhan’s children and Cassie’s fear of falling in love.

Try as they might, it’s impossible for them to keep away from each other. They relish the time they spend together and find they appreciate one another in ways they had never expected. This leads to a calculated proposal neither woman can resist, and their attraction grows deeper and more intense despite everything holding them back. But are they brave enough to give up everything they have ever known to be together?





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Genre Romance
Length 96,000 words/312 pages
Publication Date November 17, 2022
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781636790619
Editor Victoria Villasenor and Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Tammy Seidick

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