Changing Majors

by Ana Hartnett Reichardt and Ana Hartnett

Suitemates to friends…to happily ever after?

It’s her first night of freshman year at Alder University, a small Catholic college tucked away in the North Georgia mountains, and Bailey Sullivan is ready to be the girl she has always dreamed of becoming: a girl who loves a boy. She quickly meets Luke, a Southern charmer who gives her hope for a traditional future. But her often destructive and messy attempts at being straight are thwarted when she falls for her far-too-female suitemate, Noelle Parker, from whom she quickly becomes inseparable.

Bailey must traverse the rocky terrain of her friendships, her freshman year of college, and her sexuality to discover not only whom she wants to pursue, but her own identity. For Bailey, learning to be true to herself means being brave enough to let go of the limits on love that are holding her back.

The Alder Series.



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Genre Romance
Length 80,000 words/264 pages
Publication Date December 16, 2021
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781636790817
Editor Barbara Ann Wright
Cover Designer Jeanine Henning

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