Sweet Spot

by Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Sweet Spot—the place on the face of a wave where a surfer can catch the greatest speed.

Standing up on the wave is hard enough, but finding the sweet spot is almost impossible when you’re battling riptides. Shia Turning has been battling riptides her entire life and she knows she’s close to finding the sweet spot. Having spent most of her life in the foster system, she’s worked hard to make something of herself in the pro-surfing world. And living at Oceana has given her the community and support she needs to take her there. But when the mother she never expected to hear from again shows up, everything she’s worked for is threatened.

As the property manager for Oceana, her grandfather’s mobile home park, Rose Monroe is anxious to make him proud even at the expense of her own dreams. When Shia and Rose meet, their attraction threatens to distract them from their goals—something neither of them is willing to risk. What they don’t seem to know is that riptides often create the perfect waves. Will they be willing to take a chance of a lifetime to find the sweet spot that can take them to a happily ever after?

An Oceana Series Romance.





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Genre Romance
Length 85,000 words/240 pages
Publication Date September 14, 2023
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781636794198
Editor Barbara Ann Wright
Cover Designer Jeanine Henning

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