by Venus Reising

After failing her college classes, Fernanda Beaumont returns to her childhood home in Louisiana to live with her grandmother. Knowing her aversion to the town she grew up in, and now used to her current Manhattan lifestyle, Fern doesn’t believe for one minute that she’ll survive the summer.

The one bright spot may be Shae Williams, the best friend she had to leave when her family moved to the Big Apple back in the third grade. But a lot has changed in ten years. While Fern is studying aquatic biology and gallivanting around Southampton with her friends, Shae is happy serving gator bites to tourists at the local watering hole.

Despite their differences, the two develop a close friendship. Soon they find themselves teaming up to discover if the strange dreams Shae has been having have anything to do with the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl from a neighboring town.

Maybe the sleepy little town Fern grew up in won’t be so bad after all…





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Genre Thriller, Romance, New Adult
Length 188 pages
Publication Date February 14, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470130e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"I’ve always loved kaleidoscopes and how, with just one turn, they can create something entirely new—something beautiful. Kaleidoscope is the story of two young women who, after being apart for many years, find something new—something beautiful—in each other."

—Venus Reising


Lex Kent’s Reviews - If you are a New Adult fan or are looking for a mystery with a different twist, this book may be for you. I was definitely entertained enough that I would read the next book without hesitation.

Bethany’s Reviews - This is my first read of a Venus Reising novel, and I have to say that it took me a bit by surprise! After reading the blurb, I really didn't expect this to take a bit of a paranormal / mystery turn, and was pleasantly surprised that it did! This isn't a heavy paranormal twist, and the way that it was done actually comes across as fairly believable if you suspend reality just a bit. The mystery was a very nice added element, and I really felt that was the best part of this novel.

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