Queen of Hearts

by Sheryl Wright

Can love found on television become true love?

When the producers of the new TV reality show, Queen of Hearts, receive a last minute cancellation by one of the show’s contestants, they know their show is in jeopardy of never airing at all. Desperate for a solution, they set out to convince helicopter pilot Ally Parker to join her cousin Pam on the program. Ally reluctantly agrees, but only after being assured that she’ll be eliminated in the first round.

Erin Bogner isn’t looking for love either. Convinced by her employer to be a secret plant on the show, Erin’s job is to weed out the contestants only looking for money and help Pam find true love. Erin has no interest in anything beyond making her employer happy.

But things seem to change for everyone once the game begins. Ally finds herself meeting a contestant that stirs something deep inside. And Erin discovers it may be difficult to fulfill her mission of helping her employer at any cost.

What happens when the game they’re all playing becomes real? The world is tuning in to find out…



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Genre Romance
Length 254 pages
Publication Date September 13, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470192
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"Imagine if a reality TV producer decided to make something bigger, bolder, better? Welcome to the Queen of Hearts.
A note from the author, Sheryl Wright:

One of the aspects I cherish most about being married to the woman I love is our ability to talk through anything. Sometimes these things are important and sometimes just fun conversations. One amusing debate was about the Bachelor and Bachelorette-style reality shows. Neither one of us is a fan but for different reasons. Dawn doesn’t like the sometimes-bad behavior these competitions bring out in people. I don’t like that they become a competition.

When I raised my concerns that a healthy relationship could not be built on an ego driven, winner takes all style showdown, she asked how I would fix it. How indeed? “Switch it up,” I offered, explaining, “I would introduce more than one Bachelor or Bachelorette and make the primaries work just as hard to prove they were worthy of the women’s attention and establish choice on both sides of the equation.” Dawn was sure it would get too complicated. Maybe; but I was sure it could be done from a production standpoint. And I was sure viewers would get it too. She wasn’t as confident and challenged me to turn my ideas into something. In her mind, I should either pitch my idea to our TV production contacts or write the book while exploring the production challenges and the human equation from an author’s perspective.

In other words, she wanted to know if I could write a compelling romance with so many moving parts? “Just watch me.” And I did it in record time. One interesting note, beyond how fast this story came was the romance between the protagonists wasn’t even planned. I wanted the TV show to finish with a secondary character as the final bachelorette, but as always, it’s the characters themselves who dictate the story. I’m just the messenger or in TV parlance, maybe the location scout or camera operator. Either way, telling this story was more of a reveal than plotting or laboring over a manuscript. For that, I’m enjoying a genuine affinity for this one. Queen of Hearts breaks a few rules but none more so than the ones we make for our skeptical heart.

Who knew falling in love could be so much fun?"
—Sheryl Wright


The Lesbian Review
…is a sweet romance about finding love when you don’t expect it and recognizing that everyone deserves a happily ever after. I was impressed with how Wright was able to give such a large cast of characters their own distinctive personalities and prevent so many female characters from blending together. This is a robust cast of side characters who bring humor and drama to the story. Queen of Hearts is an entertaining romance. It was such a quick read for me because the scenario is so appealing. A reality TV show full of interesting and beautiful lesbians looking to find true love is something that I would clear my schedule for. This book is a lovely break from the daily grind and if you’re looking for something light and fun, check it out.

Lex Kent’s Reviews - This book was a lot of fun to read. I read it in one sitting because I did not want to set it down. The book does have some issues, it’s far from perfect, but I didn’t really care. This was the kind of book that made me feel good to read.

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