The Blood Runs Cold

by Catherine Maiorisi

Still battling each other and the blue wall, NYPD Detectives Chiara Corelli and P.J. Parker catch a new murder case. The victim, a gay man, is posed with a rosary in his hands, the smell of incense in the air and Gregorian chants playing in the background.

While Corelli and Parker search for leads, Kate Burke, the lesbian Speaker of the City Council asks for an update on the investigation. Thinking Burke is playing politics, Corelli ignores the request. In the meantime, two more bodies are found, both laid out in the same way.

Pressured by the chief, Corelli goes to Kate’s office where a photograph of the speaker with a group of friends catches her eye. Corelli recognizes the three victims and, to her horror, three others. Suddenly the case becomes personal.

Fearing a serial killer is picking off the people in the photograph, fearing the next victim will be someone she loves, Corelli races to find the murderer before he kills again.

A Chiara Corelli Mystery Book 2.



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Genre Mystery
Length 304 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470260
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
The Blood Runs Cold — Finalist, Mystery/Thriller/Crime.

Lambda Literary Awards
The Blood Runs Cold — Finalist, Lesbian Mystery.


"KITTENS saving NYPD Detective Chiara Corelli?

No Way! I don’t write cozy mysteries. Corelli is a kickass detective. No crafts, dogs or kittens allowed.

Yet it happened. And I wrote it. How the hell did that happen?

Well, in the writing world I’m what’s called a pantser, someone who flies by the seat of her pants, someone who does little or no planning. While I might have a character, a scene, a snippet of dialogue, an image or a voice in my head, when I sit down in front of a blank screen I have no idea where I’m headed story wise or how I’m going to get there. Everything flows from the connections my brain makes as my characters and I create the scenes that build the story.

When I started The Blood Runs Cold, the second NYPD Chiara Corelli mystery, I knew the main characters and the supporting cast and I had the image of a handsome bare-chested dead guy posed on a sofa holding a rosary. The rest was totally unknown.

Of course Corelli and Parker investigate the murder so suddenly they’re in the image standing in the doorway staring at the body posed by the murderer. I’m there with them but these detectives are so real to me that they take over and do all the work. I see the scene through their eyes, hear the music, smell the incense. They look around and they ask questions. Who was the victim? Why was he posed that way? Who found him? As the scene unfolds in my imagination, characters show up, things happen, and the words describing it all appear on the computer screen in front of me. Because I follow the characters and the story, I discover the story as I write. And I’m constantly surprised. As I was when the kittens saved Corelli. The kittens are the heroes. Not possible. But there they are.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a huge surprise when writing. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that when I was writing A Matter of Blood, the first in the series, I thought Corelli was straight but when her love interest showed up for the first time it was a woman with the name I’d chosen for what I thought was a male character. I was shocked then too.

There were other surprises for me as I wrote The Blood Runs Cold. I hope you’ll read it and be surprised too."

—Catherine Maiorisi


The Lesbian Review
I think I’ve found a new favorite author! This is the first book that I’ve read from Catherine Maiorisi and I must say that she certainly has my attention because I’m a huge fan of her flawless and captivating writing.

The Bolo Books Review
Maiorisi populates her story with some much-needed diversity, but never strays into exhortative territory: these characters feel like individuals rather than stereotypes intended to fill a role (or purpose). The mystery is suitably complex, sure to keep readers guessing until late in the game.

Lex Kent’s Reviews - This is a tried and true mystery book. It had everything I like in a good mystery and I could not set the book down. While I always suggest reading books in order, I do think you could start here if you really wanted. This book is easy for me to recommend to mystery fans. It is a book to read carefully, but it was a good put together mystery with a worthy pay off. I’m excited about a possible book 3. I sure hope one is planned because I really like the way the story arc is heading.

Map Your Mystery
An excellent police procedural with twists, turns and surprises. Looking forward to other mysteries featuring Chiara Corelli.

Bethany’s Reviews - This is book 2 in a series and I didn't need to read book 1 first, but wish that I would have. This is a fantastic mystery / thriller story and I couldn't put it down! As a seasoned mystery reader, I didn't expect to be still guessing on the bad guy with only a bit to go in the book. Usually I figure that out well before the end, and I loved that Maiorisi kept me in suspense also! This was masterfully crafted, and fans of the genre are going to love this book. I'm really hoping that there's a next one in this series!

Kings River Life Magazine
Love page-turner thrillers? Pick these books up—then try to keep up with Chiara. It’ll be a breathtaking ride.

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1 review for Blood Runs Cold, The – Paperback

  1. Lisa85603

    The second in the Chiara Corelli mystery series. Another good read from Ms. Maiorisi. We learn a little more about Corelli’s detective-in-training partner, P.J. Parker. Again Ms. Maiorisi sets a good pace, gives some clues, yet keeps you in the dark enough to not be sure of who the killer is. I did figure it out – but then as I continued reading decided I was wrong.

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